The Dangers of Eating Instant Noodles

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I read a post recently on one of the social media networks about a lady who lost her nephew to kidney disease. The kidney problem,  the lady claims was as a result of  the boys excessive love and consumption of instant noodles.This prompted me to carry out further inquiry on the issues of instant noodles not actually being good for health. Below are some of my findings.

Instant noodles are delicious, convenience food that are rich in refined carbohydrate,high on fat,artificial colours, preservatives,additives and flavorings  but low in nutrients and fiber. The main ingredients used in its production includes wheat flour, palm oil and salt. The flavoring powder contains MSG, sugar and seasoning. listed below are some of the dangers in consuming instant noodles.

Dangers in Eating Instant Noodles.


Instant noodles just like other processed foods have the capacity to cause obesity. They contain  mainly calories which can easily be converted to fat in the body. They are also high in fats and oil which can easily be stored by the body causing obesity.


Instant noodles are not easily digested by the body. A study carried out by a group of American doctors in 2013 , to find out how our digestive system functions when we eat instant noodles showed that it took the body several hours to digest and completely breakdown the noodles strain as opposed to freshly made noodles. They linked this to the chemical TBHQ used in instant noodles production.


Instant noodles are usually preserved with a synthetic chemical derived from petroluem called TBHQ – Te rtiary- butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) are used in foods high in fats and oil to prevent them from going rancid and also preserve them. FDA- food and drug administration of US approves that only 0.02 percent of fats and oil to be accounted for by TBHQ.  Exposure to five grams of these toxicants can be lethal and according to  a consumers dictionary of food additives, exposure to just one gram of TBHQ can cause:Nausea and vomiting, Ringing in the ears(tinnitus),Delirium, Sense of suffocation,Collapse

Mono sodium Glutamate are flavor enhancers  usually added to instant noodles to make it tasty.  MSG has many negative  side effect and health risk. MSG is associated with muscle tightness, numbness or tingling and fatigue as well as headache and stomach upsets.  MSG is an excitotoxin, it causes damage and inflammation in the brain tissue and retinal tissue.

Metabolic Syndrome

These are a set of conditions which includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar,excess abdominal fat and abdominal cholesterol,which combined together increases the risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes.   A study carried out on south korean  women revealed that women who take precooked instant noodles are more likely to have metabolic syndrome regardless of what they else ate or how much they exercise.

Weakens the immune system

Propylene glycol is an antifreeze ingredient normally added to instant noodles to retain moisture and  prevent the noodles from drying. Propylene glycol is readily absorbed by the body and accumulates in the heart, liver and kidneys causing  abnormalities and damage. It also weakens the immune system.

High salt content

Instant noodles contain high amount of sodium. Intake of too much salt increases blood pressure which can lead to heart disease, kidney damage, hypertension and stroke. A pack of instant noodles usually contain 1950mg of sodium. This is more than half of the quantity recommended by dietary guidelines which is 2300mg per day.

Bad fat

Instant noodles are high in saturated fats which when consumed regularly can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetics. The process used in production of instant noodles can transform the oil in it to trans fat. Trans fats has the tendency of clogging arteries and putting pressure on the heart by loading it with fat deposits.

Hinder nutrient absorption

The refined white flour in instant noodles usually clog the digestive system making it difficult to absorb any nutrients. Consumers of instant noodles has a lower intake of important nutrients like potassium, calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin A , niacin, and vitamin C compared to non consumers

Consumption of instant noodles will not affect everybody the same way. However to dampen the negative effect of instant noodles one need ensure it is not eaten regularly or everyday . Also small amount of instant noodles should be   mixed with vegetables .

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