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Importance Of Eating Pawpaw Seed

Pawpaw Seeds have Magical Cure For Gut, Kidney, Liver, Cancer and Many Other Diseases. Pawpaw seeds can be consumed raw, crushed or ground in milk, honey or salad dressings. Normally we all eat Pawpaw...


Soursop – The Natural Cancer Killer

[the_ad id=”1782″] Cancer is one of the World’s deadliest disease. Being diagnosed of cancer is like receiving a death sentence in my part of the world. The conventional treatment of this disease has so...

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Benefits of Scent Leaf (ocimum gratissimum)

[the_ad id=”1782″] Scent leaf which goes by the botanical name of ocimum gratissimum is a plant species mainly found in the tropics and used widely as spices. The unique aromatic taste of these leaves impart...