Healthy living and lifestyle : An Effective Tool for Excellent Customer Service Delivery 

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As we all know, customers are the backbone of any business. Excellent customer service delivery is the focus of any business that want to dominate it’s market place. Many organizations has laid down policies and procedures on how to achieve excellent customer service. Some of policies may include things like immaculate appearance, swift reparation, home delivery and service  etc. All these cannot be achieved without a healthy body and lifestyle.

You will agree with me that an unhealthy person cannot render excellent customer service. The spirit indeed maybe willing but the body is weak. In order to achieve excellent customer service there’s need to rid yourself off bad habits that negatively impacts your health.

How Healthy Living and Lifestyle can Affect Customer Service Delivery .

There are several ways our lifestyle can affect customer service delivery. These includes our eating habits, attitude to life, personal and environmental hygiene, fashion and fad and activity levels.

Eating habits

Food is medicine.  To deliver the best kind of service you need to eat well. Feed yourself like an athlete going for the Olympics. Avoid those foods that naturally dose not go down well with your system. Eat foods that nourishes your body not just anything to satisfy your hunger. Avoid junk food like snacks,  noodles, carbonated drinks etc.  Eat majorly fruits and vegetables. Eat balanced diet. Reduce your salt intake because it can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, strokes and other diseases. Try not to skip meals and always endeavour to eat breakfast, as breakfast  is the most important meal of the day. Overeating should be avoided in order to prevent the discomfort that comes with it for Example constipation, weight gain and digestive problems. Carry out occasionally fasting as this helps to get rid of harmful substances from the body. Regular water consumption is also encouraged as this will help keep you energised and also help your kidney.

Attitude to Life

Some people are easily worried and anxious. This attitude will affect the person’s performance at work. According experts, women are more prone to worry due to their emotional nature. Worry leads to depression and despair and these two things are considered as mental illness which affect the chemistry of the brain. Worry most times saps you of the energy or strength to accomplish a task and inhibit progress in life. For excellent customer service delivery, you should avoid situations that get you angry, worried and stressed at all times. Always have a cheerful, happy dispositions .


Fashion and Makeup

Effective customer service required that you look your best at all times. Immaculate appearance should be the focus.  It dose not necessarily mean that, what you put on must be expensive but it should be comfortable and well fitted. Many fashion choices we make affect our health negatively. For instance putting on shoes with heels as high as 2inches and above can cause hammer toes, stress fracture and ankle sprain. Also some of the beauty products we use contains chemical that can cause cancer.

Sedentary Lifestyle

The nature of some people’s work these days requires that they sit at one place for a long time. Sedentary lifestyle doubles your risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and increased risk of colon cancer. Also sedentary lifestyle may lead to High blood pressure, lipid disorder, depression and anxiety which impact negatively on your productivity. To counteract the  effect of this sedentary lifestyle you should take time out to exercise. Don’t be glued to your sit all day, walk around. Bodily exercise enhances good health and productivity.

Personal and Environmental Hygiene

 Good personal hygiene is essential for promoting good health. Good hygiene such as washing of hands before eating, and after visiting the rest room should be adopted. Also keeping your work station clean and free from filth will enable you work effectively A good personal hygiene will not only prevent you from contracting diseases but it will also shield those around you from suffering illness that arise as a result of poor personal hygiene.


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