Harmful effects of regular cold water consumption.

Cold water

Cold water

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Nothing beats the sensation one derives in drinking cold water in hot and dry weather. The feeling is so refreshing and rewarding that one tend to consume more of it.  Although cold water tastes better and is more satisfying, it has some serious side effects. Health experts warn that drinking cold water has negative impact on the heart and the digestive system.

Effects of Cold water in the body

Regular consumption of cold water has some adverse effects on the body which are outlined below.

Slows down the digestion process

It is not advisable to drink cold beverages during meals because it decreases the activity of your digestive system. The temperature of cold water is at variance with that of the body. The body uses up the energy it would have used for digestion to raise the temperature leaving some of the food undigested

Dr Neha says, ‘Never drink cold water while eating food. When you drink cold water immediately after meals or along with a meal, your body spends a lot of energy in increasing its temperature. This slows the digestion process, which may cause indigestion. thehealthsite.com

Robs the body of nutrients

Cold drinks  may cause indigestion, which means that the nutrients in the undigested food is unavailable for the body to use. It is also advisable not to take drugs with cold water because the drug will not digest on time and one will not get the best from it.

Cold water causes the blood vessels surrounding stomach to shrink, slowing down absorption of nutrients. This robs the body of essential nutrient in the food.

Cold water can provoke chills.

For someone with fever,  it’s advisable to  use lukewarm water to rob the body in an attempt to bring down fever. Using cold water will increase the body temperature by provoking chills.  Chills are the body’s way of producing heat when it feels cold.  It is caused by rapid muscle contractions and relaxation.  It preferable for a person with fever to drink lukewarm or tepid water than cold icy water in order to avoid chills.

Cold water can disrupt vocal cords.

Cold water is not good for the vocal cords. Cold water can cause the build of mucus in the throat.  This increases the chances of the throat to become sore as it is now more prone to infection. Lukewarm water ensures that there’s minimal build up of mucus in the throat.

Cold water affects the brain.

Cold water is not good for the brain. The result of a study which involves 5000 participants over a period of 5years analysed by neurologist,  showed that Cold drinks is not friendly with some sections of the brain.

The researchers found that sipping cold drinks causes an abrupt increase in blood flow to a major artery in the brain that is then followed by the familiar headache-like. The experts warn that over time this effect may shrink some receptors in the brain. Punchng.com

Also Dr Tosin Akinsanya a consultant nutritionist, emphasized the need to regularly take water at a normal temperature, saying the brain is sensitive to temperature change which is why it freezes when one drinks cold water at first, adding that such continuous seizure is not good for it.naij.com

Affects the Heart

According to a healthy living expert, Dr. Lucia John, the heart labours more to restore blood circulation when we drink cold water that is not compatible with the body’s temperature.

When we drink cold water, juice, or any cold fluids, we create the basis for chronic heart diseases. Cold water has a clotting effect on the blood and other fluids in the body making it difficult for it to circulate.


To ensure proper functioning of the body, we should  only take foods and drinks whose temperature is close to the body temperature. Although, there are circumstances where taking cold water is beneficial for example after strenuous physical exercise to cool down the body. We should not make it a habit in order to avoid the negative consequences of drinking cold water.






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