Drinking water benefits your body. See how?

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You may have heard that drinking water benefits the body. Well, this statement is absolutely correct. The body is made up of 55% to 78 water depending on the

Drinking water benefits you

The benefits of drinking water

body size.  Water is the single most important nutrients for the effective  functioning of the body.  Water is used to hydrate the body.

I decided recently to increase my water intake and the changes I noticed in my body were awesome. I now have a more youthful clear and smooth skin. I also noticed a reduction in appetite for food,  less fatigue and headaches. Well this colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid obviously  has numerous health benefits.

10 Established Ways Drinking Water Benefits The Body.

1. Drinking water aids in weight loss.

Drinking water half an hour  before meals gives one the feeling of being full. This leads to reduction of appetite making you to consume less calories. Water also aids weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. In two studies, drinking half a liter (17 ounces) of water was shown to increase metabolism by 24-30% for up to 1.5 hours (26, 27). authoritynutrition.com

2. Relieves constipation.

Benefits of drinking water

Drinking water relieves constipation

If you are one one those that find it difficult to pass out stool,  drinking plenty of water can be of help. Water promotes regular bowel movement.  Inadequate water in the body often results in constipation as the colon pulls water from the stools to maintain hydration, thereby making them harder and difficult to pass. top10homeremedies.com

3  Removes toxins from the body

Water helps to flush out waste products from the body through urine and sweat. Water reduces the chances of developing kidney stones through flushing out the mineral substances likely to form clumps in the kidney. It also prevents the development of urinary tract infections.

4. Promotes clear and smooth skin.

Benefits of drinking water.

Drinking water promotes smooth skin

Water affects your appearance. it makes your skin smooth, giving it a sparkling look. Drinking water benefits you by reducing the effects of ageing. Water also help prevent and treat soft lines, scars, acne, wrinkles and other aging symptoms.

5. For proper functioning of the heart.

Drinking enough water increases the volume of red blood cells in the body. Water prevents clogging of arteries in the heart and brain.  It also reduce risk of heart attack and stroke.

A study by Eden found that drinking more than five glasses of water a day could cut your chances of having a heart attack by 41%, compared with people who drank less than two glasses a day. goodtoknow.co.uk

6. Relieves migraines and headaches.

Drinking water benefits

Drinking water relieves headache

Headache is sometimes a symptom that the body is dehydrated. So next time your head hurts instead of reaching out for a bottle of aspirin take plenty of water.

In a study published in the European Journal of Neurology, researchers found that increasing water intake helped reduce the total number of hours and intensity of headaches in the study participants.

7. Relieves fatigue.

The body needs water to function properly. Less water in the body causes an individual to be tired and lazy. The body works less effectively when it’s dehydrated. Enough water in the body boost energy level and relieves fatigue.

8. Regulate body temperature.

Water has the ability to regulate body temperature. When the temperature of the body is well regulated,  you feel more energetic during workouts. Water has the ability to release heat from the body  through  sweat, which evaporates from the skin surface thereby cooling the body’s temperature.

9. Improves concentration.

The benefits of drinking water

Drinking water improves concentration

Water is directly connected to brain functions.  The brain is made up of 85% water. Any reduction in the level of water in the brain will affect it’s function adversely. Water prevents attention deficit disorder ADD, it also improves  concentration.   Water helps prevent memory loss as we age, and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease etc

10. Boost the immune system.

Water increases the efficiency of the immune system by getting rid of toxins in the body. It makes the immune system stronger and able to fight diseases in the body.


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