Do Peanuts Cause Acne Flareup?-5 Reasons Why Peanuts May Cause Acne

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Have you ever wondered what causes acne  flare up. Some people and many health professionals attribute the cause to the consumption of oily food such as peanuts . The truth is that no food is directly connected to acne flare up. Scientific studies do not demonstrate a clear connection between specific foods and acne outbreaks, but some research does indicate that a poor overall diet creates hormonal imbalances that trigger this common skin disease. 1


How acne is formed

In a bid to find out whether peanut causes acne let’s understand how acne is formed. Acne is formed when skin pore through which oil is released becomes blocked. When your body secretes too much sebum, the oil mixes with dead skin cells and clogs pores.

Bacteria trapped in the pores digest the oil and secrete acids that cause local irritation. Acne can also be triggered by several other factors which include exercise, cosmetics, diet, hormones, hygiene, medications, shaving and stress.

Although peanut do not directly cause acne, however Certain factors in peanut may predispose you to developing acne.

Several ways peanuts cause acne flareup include

1. Difficult to digest

Peanuts are not nuts but legumes. Peanuts are not easily digested and this slow digestion results in accumulation of waste and excess weight in the body. This makes it a breeding ground for organisms that weaken immunity and damage the skin. 2. According to Food Allergy Solutions, any thing that affects the immune system and leads to inflammation can cause an outbreak of acne.

2. Presence of Toxic Mould Afflatoxin

Stored peanuts can easily become moldy this mould is non other than aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is thought to be carcinogenic and also causes allergies. The serious allergies caused from the consumption of roasted peanuts are the known harbingers for eczema breakouts in many cases of children and teens all over the world.3

Candida albicans a toxic yeast contributing to common skin disorders like acne and ageing, feed off mould. Peanut can help these toxic organism rapidly reproduce and colonise in the body. Although acne does not directly develop due to eating roasted peanut, it may breakout as a secondary infection when eczema becomes uncontrollable.

3. Aggulutinine

Peanuts contain lectin a kind of protein called Aggulutinine. Peanut aggulutinine  can seriously disrupt digestion. It creates tiny holes in the lining of your  small intestine which allows food particles directly into your blood stream.

This is also known as “leaky gut,” which in general compromises your immune system, making it a lot more difficult for your body to fight the everyday fights, like clearing and healing clogged pores before they develop into full-blown inflamed pimple disasters. 4

4. Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Peanut contains high level of omega 6 fatty acids which can trigger acne.  Your body needs a balanced ratio of Omega-3 (anti-inflammatory properties) and Omega-6 (inflammatory properties) fatty acids. When you eat Omega-6 rich foods like peanut butter, this balance is shifting on the Omega-6 side, fact that causes inflammation in the body. This may trigger an acne breakout or it may worsen your acne.5

5. Peanut butter is loaded with additives 

Processed peanut butterPeanut butter_nutrifactsblog is loaded with additives like hydrogenated oils, sugar, salt and dextrose . Hydrogenated oils is added to peanut butter to keep it from separating while sugar is added to make it sweet. All these additives makes it even more indigestible.

Sugar is one of the top four worst foods for acne, leading to inflammation,  glycation, clogged pores, producing too much sebum, and a compromised immune system.6 Sugar causes a shift in levels of insulin and blood sugar. This leads to an increase in the production of male hormones that stimulate skin to discharge lots of sebum. As glands in your skin secrete more oil, follicles clog and a new acne outbreak begin

If you notice that you breakout whenever you take peanuts you might as well switch to other alternative like almond and cashews. Almonds and cashews contain oxalic acid which proved good for treating skin and prevent acne.Also a healthy diet along with a vitamin regiment should prevent any sort of acne flareup.



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