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10 Awesome Benefits of Palm kernel oil

[the_ad id=”1782″] Palm kernel oil popularly called udeaki in Igbo, Adin dudu amongst the Yoruba, Main Alaidi amongst the Hausa,and  Menyanga in Cameroon is  a yellowish or dark-brown oil extracted from the kernel of...


Carbohydrates and Glycermic index

[the_ad id=”1782″] Ever heard of the word glycermic index? This is an index to watch out for in diets, if you want to decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke,...

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Fasting, The Healthy Way.

[the_ad id=”1782″] Fasting is an act of abstaining from food, drink, sex or any other thing an individual like  for the sake of some spiritual purposes. Major type of fasting commonly practiced is abstinence...