7 Amazing Health Benefits of Mint water

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Mint water

Mint water is a popular health drink made from mint leaves. Mint water can be made in several different ways ranging from steeping mint leaves  in hot water to letting it simmer as infused water.

Mint water has a refreshing feelings which is produced by the menthol oil naturally present in the leaves. It’s  rejuvenates the skin,  aids in weight loss, increases digestion, detoxify the body , relieves cold, and is loaded with antioxidants which wade off diseases

Similarities between scent leaves and mint leaves.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves and scent leaves belong to the family of aromatic herbs with distinctively spicy taste and invigorating scent. Mint is scientifically known as mentha. It taste like very mild peppermint with a cool aftertaste and is obviously different from scent leaves (basil leaves) which is more common in Nigeria.

Where it can be found 

In Nigeria mint leaves can be obtained from mallams that sell salads ingredients . It can also be gotten from big shops like shopright and spars. You can also buy online and have it delivered at your door step through this link  Here

Nutritional constituent

Mint has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food 1. It also has  small amounts of fiber, minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosporus, iron, and some vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

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Other products with mint as their base element apart from mint water include products  like toothpastes, chewing gums, breath fresheners, candies and inhalers.

Health Benefits of Mint Water

Aids digestion

The aroma as well as the substances and essential oil contained in mint water can assist digestions by activating the salivary glands in the mouth and also stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. 2 It soothes the stomach in cases of indigestion or inflammation. Mint, most notably peppermint, also acts as a carminative, which means it can help ease gas and its associated symptoms. 3

Relieves cold and catarrh

Mint contains menthol, a natural aromatic decongestant that helps to break up phlegm and mucus, making it easier to expel. This is why mint is an ingredient for inhalers, balms and other solutions for respiratory problems.

The same benefit is obtained from mint water. Mint water cools and soothes the throat, nose and other respiratory channels, it also relieves the irritation which causes chronic coughing. To treat catarrh in adults, pound fresh or dried mint leaves, put in hot water,  allow to steep, sieve and add honey.

Breast feeding

Mint water is of great benefit to breastfeeding

Breast feeding


mothers. A study published in April 2007 in the International Breastfeeding Journal suggested that peppermint water is effective in preventing nipple cracks and nipple pain in first-time mothers who are breastfeeding.

Oral health

Mint is a natural anti-microbial agent and breath freshener. Mint water freshen the oesphagus and prevent  irritations and dryness unlike alcohol based mouth wash which  leaves the mouth dry.

Improves memory

Mint is a natural stimulant, which means it can increase our alertness as well as make the brain to function at a higher level function. A study conducted  found that people who frequently use chewing gum, in which the major active ingredient is mint, had higher levels of memory retention and mental alertness than those who did not. 5

Relieves pain and fatigue

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, sluggish or exhausted, mint water can be useful. It  has refreshing effect and can boost your energy level .It was also found to help increase pain threshold in humans. Part of the bushmint family (Hyptis), Brazilian mint (Hyptis crenata) has been found to be as effective for pain relief as a synthetic aspirin-style drug indomethacin when taken as a “tea.”

Weight loss

Weight lossDrinking mint water helps increase bile secretion and encourages bile flow, leading to easier and speedier digestion. This means that the food we eat will easily be converted to useable energy rather than being stored and contributing to weight gain.

Side effects and recommendations

Mint water and other mint products should be used with caution because menthol oil  from mint leaves can be toxic when taken in high doses. Please consult  your health care provider to determine whether any of your medications could interact with mint or mint oil.

Finally, if you have enjoyed this article or know other benefits of mint water , kindly leave a comment below and also take a look at my articles about other foods.




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